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Big bang theory episodes is centered around three main protagonists, two of them super intelligent but geeky physicist from Caltech, in Pasadena, California, staying together and Penny a beautiful looking yet sexy waitress who comes in to stay in an apartment in  their vicinity. Both the intellectuals are most of the time confined to their technical world and are ignorant about the social world outside. On the contrary, Penny, is a practical young woman and outright sensible. The episodes of the serial conceptualizes two extreme ends of the social field; intellectuals versus sociable woman. The two intellectual geniuses have two closer geeky friends; Howard and Rajesh.

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The portrayal of each individual character is absolute and outstanding. Leonard cannot accept the fact that he is a nerd and therefore impresses and makes effort to convince upon Penny that he is not a geek. He goes on trying with Penny and each time he fails to impress which results in laughter from the viewers. On the other hand, Sheldon, a genius in the laboratory but outside the laboratory he is absolutely insane. He behaves stubbornly, has an overbearing ego phobia with eccentricity. The character acts marvelously to this attributes. When we look at Penny, she is highly practical woman, who lives her life in social reality. To analyze the character of Howard we find that he thinks himself to be sexy as much has he is intelligent. His honest moves towards Penny could not succeed and he fails to impress upon her. The other intelligent character, Rajesh, is shy person and thus unable to even speak in the presence of any woman.

Admiration goes to the director for the unique direction on a difficult subject like science, which consequently build up to a situation comedy. By viewing this serial, you will be able to realize that particle physics and string theory is projected humorously. Each dialogue, sequence and scene is perfectly bound to a flow of incidents. Moreover, by viewing these episodes we come to realize that nerds or geeks are not pitiable but they are adorable, humorous and outright human. The relation shown between the two physicists is extra ordinary. The combination of dynamics and speech that is observed within four friends, Leonard, Cooper, Howard and Rajesh, is rapid and humorous, with detailed interpretation. The dry jokes, which the characters say, are humorous and provoke spontaneous laughter. This makes the episode more commendable.

In 2007, when big bang theory celebrated the premier, the sole cast actor Leonard was most recognized. Leonard Leakey Hofstadter acted this character. He was also popular for acting as David, Darlene’s boyfriend, in the sitcom ‘Roseanne’. Penny (Kaley Cuoco) was regular actress on ‘8 simple rules’ which faded away after the death of John Ritter the protagonist star. However, the three characters Raj Koothrappali, Howard Wolowitz, and Sheldon Cooper were not prominent enough before acting in big bang theory. In big bang theory, it was a group cast with Leonard playing the main character who is less geeky and nerdy. He is also shown as the prospective love interest of Penny. However, the character Sheldon (Jim Parsons) sometimes dominated the show of the episodes. The viewers feel if such projection continues then big bang theory may not get the present large viewer segment.

Most of the episodes that begins with a group of star cast you will find that one character stands out in the scene and he gets complete attention of the viewers. For example, Seinfeld had Jerry as the prime star but Kramer succeeded him with his creepy idiosyncrasy and crazy method and became the scene-stealer. He got the total attention of the viewer’s right from his entry into the apartment of Jerry and exit. His role was superb and none of the characters got such attention than him. However, the show became monotonous, as it did not take advantage of the character perfectly. However, big bang theory is different.

In big bang theory, when Sheldon got a lot of admiration from viewers, the director went headlong to exploit the situation by increasing the screen time of the character and exploited the episodes adding more quirks and idiosyncrasies. Consequently, the viewer base increased, who, focused on the character Sheldon and other main characters had less prominence in the scenes. The nerdy method was appealing. This led to many websites selling the type of T-shirts, which Sheldon wears in the scenes. The director was definitely successful in his strategy but in 2014 when CBS intends to renew the show, he should take utmost care to make the character of Sheldon to sustain.

In Seinfeld, nemesis was Newman. Jerry spoke this in a peculiar way with clenched teeth, which was the shortest and most quoted line. If you can speak that line in a similar way to anyone, perhaps, he/she will not be able to resist laughter or a giggle. In Seinfeld, Jerry played the role as a protagonist, the show, in fact, is named after him, and therefore the director befittingly inducted the nemesis.

Similarly, in big bang theory one character is bestowed with such nemesis; Sheldon, and not the main character Leonard. If you observe the character of Wil Wheaton, who makes small mocking appearances in the scenes, with a purpose to tease Sheldon, addressing him as ‘moonpie’. His intention is to mock Sheldon’s beloved, Meemaw’s name. If you love The Big Bang Theory too much and can’t wait for the next episode, you can watch big bang theory online free.

Sheldon, projected as an unusual character should have been the one with the nemesis. However, this idea would have had jeopardized the cast group balance and gone further ahead by making the big bang theory as The Sheldon’ show. The character of Seinfeld worked out properly because except Jerry, who is straight other characters are freaked out. However, Jerry at time acted as an eccentric, which is evident from scenes like stealing from a woman a marble rye loaf.

In big bang theory Leonard has his nerdy incidents, but the director and the script has to provide and add more spice to the character. Even after four years Leonard is projected as straight person, continues to be Penny’s neighbor and Howard and Rajesh continue with their small participation in the plots. The director need to change his perspective and concentrate on the main character instead of continuing to project Sheldon, otherwise the future of this high-grade show will diminish.

To sum up, big bang theory is a blend of excellent comedy, superb acting and brilliant script.

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You cannot suppress your laugh when you view the big bang theory online. This situation comedy has a high rating in CBS network and thus obviously many people view this program. Big bang theory enfolds a story of two foolish or clumsy friends seen struggling with several activities, in their day-to-day life. The show has the casting of two humorous geniuses, Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons, who makes you, laugh throughout the episode. Their presence in the episode attracts humorous ripples.

This sitcom is a wonderful stress reliever and one should not miss it when televised online. By watching it you can intimately tag along the computer the lives of Leonard Leakey Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper the brilliant physicists, who fail to interact with people specifically, with women and the other characters, Howard Wolowitz, Raj Koothrappali and  Penny. However, several other ways are there to follow the lives of the characters.

Watch Big Bang Theory Online

To watch big bang theory online you need to choose a streaming site in the web. Thereafter, browse with the title of the videos or the situation comedy, and you will instantly get access to view the episode. The big bang theory is free to view online; hence, there should be no hassle.


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